Airport Meeting Place

Airport Meeting Place info for Easy Meeting in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

BKK Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport

All Flights

Gate 3

Arrival Meeting Hall 

2nd Floor (Level) (Indoor)

Baggage Claim - same floor

DMK Airport

Don Muang Airport

International Flights

Gate 5

Arrival Meeting Hall

Ground Floor (Level) (Indoor)

Baggage Claim - same floor

DMK Airport

Don Muang Airport

Domestic Flights

Gate 12

Arrival Meeting Hall 

Ground Floor (Level) (Indoor)

Baggage Claim - same floor

After Landing

This info & photo is for BKK Airport Meeting Procedure

(DMK Airport is the same procedure)

1, Arrival Bangkok BKK Airport, Landing & Thai Immigration area 

2, Baggage Claim (Behind Passport Control desk)

* Apply for VISA on Arrival : this area (will take 1~2 hrs) 


Arrival Meeting Hall

Here, you are already at Arrival Meeting Hall Level, same Floor with Baggage Claim 


Find The Gate 3

Gate 3 is at next Tourism Authority of Thailand - Information Desk. Please note there is same Gate 3 on every floor. So, Our Gate 3 for Meeting is 2nd floor, same with Baggage claim floor. You don't need to go other floor after taking your luggage.

suvarnabhumi-airport-arrival-floor-plan-03 (1).jpg

For Successful Meeting

Baggage Claim = Meeting Hall = Meeting Gate (door) = All Same Floor (Level) 

You don't need to use any elevator, escalator, stairs after Baggage Claim

and no need to go outside building


DMK Airport Meeting - same Procedure ​

DMK airport, it's called 'Don Mueang airport', but almost using Don Muang Airport. 

Terminal 1 : International

Terminal 2 : Domestic

Parking Lot Information for using DMK Airport

It's not easy for all drivers to find parking space. Terminal 1, "Full, Parking" always. Hence, they must use any parking space outside airport although it's too far from the meeting gate. So, drivers hire a staff for meeting, after meeting, the staff call & let driver come. Please understand your driver need enough time to reach your waiting point. (almost take around 15 min after staff's calling)

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